Past Implementations

2023/2024: Bridging Breastfeeding Continuity of Care and Nutrition Security within the First 1,000 Days: Blueprint Cohort III

With support from the CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (DNPAO), NACCHO awarded nine (9) communities to improve infant and toddler nutrition by implementing the Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding Support Blueprint. Each grantee aims to strengthen community lactation support and other strategies to advance local nutrition security landscape within the first 1,000 days. All grantees are working with at least two partners to improve infant and toddler nutrition security. This project started in November 2023 and will end in July 2024.  

Implementing breastfeeding activities: 

Augusta University Research Institute (AURI) - Akien, South Carolina 

AURI is partnering with the American Heart Association and a federally qualified health center to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support and increase awareness of lactation and cardiovascular risk reduction for Black and Hispanic families in Aiken. These partnerships will be implementing Blueprint Recommendation 1 by conducting a lactation-specific community assessment and incorporating a cardiovascular health module into their MILKs lactation curriculum. AURI is also implementing Blueprint Recommendation 6 by developing a family-centered approach to lactation education and support. In addition, their team is working to include a community directory for lactation support and social determinants of health services.  

The Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare System (WCHS) - Winnebago and Omaha Reservations, Nebraska 

WCHS is partnering with its two healthcare entities, the Twelve Clans Unity Hospital (TCUH) and the Winnebago Public Health Department (WPHD), to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support for Native Americans in the rural area of Winnebago and Omaha reservations in Nebraska. These partnerships will be implementing Blueprint Recommendation 2, by developing a workflow process with scheduled touchpoints for breastfeeding education and support; Blueprint Recommendation 3, by establishing a formal infrastructure referral process during prenatal and post-discharge periods; and Blueprint Recommendation 5, by training clinic providers and other staff, while also collocating lactation support into the primary care clinic.  

Implementing breastfeeding and nutrition security activities: 

Alimentacion Segura Infantil (ASI) - Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico 

ASI is partnering with a local reproductive justice organization, Asociacion de Parteras de Puerto Rico and the Coalicion para la Lactancia Accesible y Servicios Equitativos (CLASE), to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Puerto Rico. These partnerships are implementing several Blueprint Recommendations 1 and 5, by providing online and in-person prenatal education and lactation support and safe infant feeding in emergencies to families, in combination with mentoring and training Infant and Young Child Feeding Specialists to allied health, midwives, and farmers. This partnership is also implementing Blueprint Recommendation 2, by developing a culturally responsive social marketing campaign tailored to community members who represent the descendants of the Black and African diaspora. Black and African descendant community; and Blueprint Recommendation 3 by staffing a warmline to provide lactation education and support and provide timely referrals for in-person support.  

To advance nutrition security within the first 1,000 days, ASI is partnering with the Unitaria Comun, a small family farm in a rural/mountain zone, to incorporate food security and food justice, farming and gardening, and food sustainability into ASI's lactation course curriculums, webinars, educational materials, community events, and breastfeeding training for farmers. 

Andrew County Health Department - Andrew County, Missouri 

Andrew County Health Department is partnering with a pediatric clinic, the local hospital, and the WIC agency to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Andrew County, MO. They are implementing Blueprint Recommendations 1 and 6 by establishing lactation education and support groups open to both WIC and non-WIC families and welcoming extended family members. Additionally, their team is implementing Blueprint Recommendation 3 by developing a warm handoff protocol, co-locating WIC staff within the hospital and pediatric office to serve as a "one-stop-shop" for lactation support and WIC enrollment, and creating a community resource guide with their partners.  

To advance nutrition security within the first 1,000 days, Andrew County Health Department is partnering with a local food pantry and farmers’ market to expand access to healthier food touchpoints for pregnant and postpartum families. One of the strategies includes supporting allowable EBT use at the Farmers' Market and institute programs in the WIC community garden to provide fresh produce and gardening lessons.  

Cuenta Conmigo Co-Op - Jefferson County, Colorado 

Cuenta Conmigo Co-Op, is partnering with Edgewater Collective, Jefferson County Public Health, and The Roots Family Center to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Jefferson County. Through these partnerships, they are implementing Blueprint Recommendation 3, by developing a referral and follow-up process for lactation care from hospital to home and community; Blueprint Recommendation 5, by strengthening culturally-congruent lactation training pathway to trainees and continuously providing community leaders and families emergency preparedness resources; Blueprint Recommendation 6, by expanding in-person and virtual culturally-responsive lactation services in Spanish, and fostering space for professional development and clinical experience for the team; and Blueprint Recommendation 7, by intentionally advance partnerships to amplify local successes through national webinars.  

To advance nutrition security within the first 1,000 daysCuenta Conmigo Co-Op is identifying key local nutrition services and partners, and establishing a parent advisory group on infant and toddler nutrition to identify strategies and culturally responsive messaging for the wider community. From these assessments and conversations, their team with consolidate their learnings of barriers that families experience in their efforts to feed their infants and toddlers, and explore potential solutions. Finally, Cuenta Conmigo Co-Op will develop nutrition education materials and videos to share cooking tips and support the expansion of food access in Jefferson County. 

Dayton Children's Hospital - Montgomery County, Ohio 

Dayton Children’s Hospital is partnering with its health and food equity departments and their pediatric center, the local health department, the Maternal & Infant Vitality Taskforce, the university, and other healthcare systems to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Montgomery County. Together, these partnerships are implementing Blueprint Recommendation 2, to ensure supportive workplace policies and environments; Blueprint Recommendation 3 by increasing warm handoffs between hospital and pediatric care; Blueprint Recommendation 4, by ensuring consistent data reporting and tracking of breastfeeding duration within their electronic health records systems; and Blueprint Recommendation 5, by providing training and mentoring individuals to support the pediatric clinic  

To advance nutrition security within the first 1000 days in their community, Dayton Children's Hospital is working to increase access to healthy foods, provide baby foods, facilitate cooking classes, and increase referrals of the food equity programs in the county to families with young children (i.e. Food Pharm Box programs and the food pantry).  

The Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County - Eskenazi Health Family Beginnings - Marion County, Indiana 

The Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County-Eskenazi Health Family Beginnings is partnering with their local health department and WIC program, the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH), the Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition (IBC), and The Milk Bank to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Marion County, Indiana. Together, these partnerships are implementing Blueprint Recommendation 3, by establishing formal electronic referral systems and workflows for prenatal education through postpartum support at their outpatient clinics; and Blueprint Recommendations 5 and 6, by providing multi-level lactation training and implicit bias training, and piloting a clinical lactation internship  

To advance nutrition security within the first 1000 days in their community, this team aims to increase access to healthy foods by providing nutrition education and feeding supplies to families with infants and toddlers through stronger collaboration efforts with their nutrition partners.  Additionally, Eskenazi Health will develop a food and nutrition resource guide, translated into multiple languages, into their community breastfeeding resource guide. 

The University of Nevada (UNLV) - Las Vegas, Nevada 

UNLV is partnering with its community advisory board, the Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition (SNBC), UNLV’s pediatric and OB-GYN clinics, and the University Medical Center to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Las Vegas. Through these partnerships, they are implementing Blueprint Recommendation 2, by increasing the availability of skilled lactation support (group and individual counseling) in the community; and Blueprint Recommendation 3, by implementing a care coordination system between hospitals and community services. Additionally, they are also implementing Blueprint Recommendation 5, by providing lactation training scholarships for BIPOC community members, clinical mentorship, and training residents and physicians.  

To advance nutrition security within the first 1,000 days in their community, UNLV is building three new modules on infant and early child nutrition to their existing Nurturing Care workshop curriculum. This will include a master gardening class for families with young children, strategies to improve access to healthy complementary food based on the 2020 - 2025 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, and the development of a child nutrition community resource guide.  

The Nourish Foundation - Auburn/Opeika, Alabama 

The Nourish Foundation is partnering with the osteopathic medicine college to advance continuity of care in breastfeeding support in Auburn/Opeika, Alabama. Through this partnership, they are implementing Blueprint Recommendation 1, by incorporating breastfeeding education and support into their obesity prevention and wellness curriculum; and developing a resource guide; Blueprint Recommendation 3, by developing an electronic referral protocol template for pediatricians; Blueprint   Recommendation 5, by providing culturally responsive lactation training to staff and patients, and developing a breastfeeding curriculum for medical students using the AAP’s Breastfeeding Toolkit; and Blueprint Recommendation 6, by screening for food insecurity and connecting families to community resources.   

To advance nutrition security within the first 1,000 days in their community, the Nourish Foundation is partnering with the Farmers Market to expand access to fresh and local fruits and vegetables. Through the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), the Alabama Cooperative Extension System will use SNAP-ED recipes to provide nutrition education and cooking classes to families with infants and toddlers, provide produce boxes to families experiencing nutrition insecurity, and provide personalized nutrition counseling to families. Furthermore, they will teach the Master Gardeners Kids Gardening Class to children.

Past Implementations

2022/2023: Community Partners Implementing the Blueprint: Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding Support Cohort II

With support from the CDC/DNPAO, NACCHO selected seven local-level organizations to strengthen community lactation support, through the implementation of the Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding Support: A Blueprint for Communities, from November 2022 to July 2023. Two grantees are still implementing this project through December 2023. This funding opportunity aimed to support the implementation of Continuity of Care (CoC) strategies by local-level organizations among oppressed communities with historically low rates of chest/breastfeeding. Check out their Success Stories HERE.

2021/2022: Implementing the Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding Support Blueprint: Cohort I

From November 2021 to July 2022, with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and through a Request for Proposals, NACCHO worked with 10 local-level organizations and their community partners to implement at least two recommendations from the Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding Support: A Blueprint for Communities to improve the local chest/breastfeeding landscape in the Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities. Check out their success stories HERE